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The curt teich postcard archives collection is widely regarded as the largest public collection of postcards and related materials in the united states when received at the newberry library it was estimated at 25 million items, and well over a half-million unique postcard images. ^ both of these linen era postcards are unused, so cannot be dated using a postmark date, but the daytime view is printed by curt teich and company, chicago, illinois, and so can be dated to 1933 by the postcard number 3a-h1235 the “3a” indicates the 3 year of the 1930s. Postcards reached the height of popularity during this period, which is known as the golden age of postcards more than 677 million postcards were mailed in the united states in 1908 at that time, the total population was only 88,700,000.

Teich postcards are easy to date, as there is a code on all codes that tells you when it was published there is a handy dating guide available on pdf the curt teich archives are located at the newberry in chicago, illinois and contains hundreds of thousands of the company postcards, letters and ephemera. Curt teich postcard archives digital collection newberry libraryfor ease in dating curt teich postcards there is a dating guide availableis allowed to pay his share of the reckoninghe was appointed one of to superintend the construction of the canal at a salary of twenty five hundred dollars a year. Two major postcard publishers, curt teich and detroit publishing company, used numbering schemes that can be helpful in dating a card curt teich, lake county museum, 27277 forest preserve dr, the official identification and price guide to postcards by diane allmer (new york: house of collectibles, 1990, isbn 0-876-37802-5,.

La postal fue impresa por la compañía curt teich basada en chicago, illinois según el guide to dating curt teich postcards , la postal fue publicada en 1939, de acuerdo al número de serie de la postal 9a-h2373 impreso en la postal. Curt teich postcards compliments of the curt teich archives at the lake county museum ©1994, the lake county museum the first series of cards printed by the teich company used numbers only and ranged from 1 14989the production dates were not recorded by the company at this time, but from copyright dates found on some of the cards, it has been. The collection's centerpiece is the 360,000-card archives of curt teich, a company that operated in chicago from 1898 to 1978 and was the world's biggest printer of advertising and view postcards.

1 guide to dating curt teich postcards the first series of cards printed by the teich company used numbers only and ranged from 1 – 14989 the production dates were not recorded by the company at this time, but from copyright dates found on. Post card history and dating methods although the world's first picture post cards date from the 1860s to the mid-1870s, post cards, as we know them, came into being in the united states about 1901 prior to that time, there were trade cards and postal cards, which usually carried advertising or printed messages. Curt teich co published and printed cards from 1900 - to about 1978 they kept record of the millions of cards they produced by using a combination of letters and numbers indicating the series and date published most of their cards use this system but there are a few outliers that do not. Curt teich postcard archives digital collection (newberry library) add or remove collections home curt teich postcard archives digital collection (newberry library) greetings from chicago.

Large letter postcard book large letter postcards the definitive guide 1930s to 1950s [1c-h327 curt teich $10-$20] should be deleted as this postcard is likely a misprint missing dark blue and could be unique page 69 - palm springs[4a-h2135 curt teich $15-$30 deckled edges] should be scalloped edges. While a date range can only be supplied with most unused old postcards, post cards published by curteich (known as curt teich in earlier days) from the mid-1930s through the 1950s have an easy-to-understand built-in dating system. Dating curt teich postcards learning about its age at sheknows salmon postcards can recapture some of daytime and dating guide is to your loved ones 50 vintage brooches and postcard collection of places they are many rare disneyland postcard guide on postcards in 1894 this vintage save the 1870s cdv 1880s, save the 1870s, it. Curteich postcards dating guide to dating curt teich postcardsthe first series of cards printed by curteich postcards dating the used numbers only and ranged from 1 14989. Perhaps the crowning achievement for a large letter postcard collector is getting all of curt teich large letter postcards from the 1930s-1950s due to a number of these postcards being extremely rare.

Curt teich postcard archives 27277 forest preserve drive wauconda, illinois 60084 (p) 847-968-3381 (f) 847-526-1545 (e) [email protected] the first series of cards printed by the teich company used numbers only and ranged from 1 – 14989. Phish dating online users interested in phishbla phish shows bla blai play on the sea and chill in phish dating online the mountiansi will dating curt teich postcards work extended periods to take extendeddating in the top 50. The curt teich postcard archives postcard repro-duction books are part of the past-age postcard series each book in the set features 24 ready-to-mail, full-color post-cards all postcards are authentic reproductions of postcards from the teich archives that can only be found here. For help dating teich postcards, check out the curt teich postcard dating guide to gain a better understanding of postcards from the curt teich era, check out the “ large letter postcards: the definitive guide, 1930’s to 1950’s , ” written by fred tenney and kevin hilbert.

Curt otto teich (march 1877 – 1974) was an american publisher of german descent who produced popular color postcards, primarily of scenes from american lifehe was a pioneer of the offset printing process under his management, the curt teich & company became the world's largest printer of view and advertising postcards. This item: postcard america: curt teich and the imaging of a nation, 1931-1950 set up a giveaway customers who viewed this item also viewed page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 collectors guide to post cards jane wood 33 out of 5 stars 13 paperback 125 offers from $149 next. Curt teich, a chicago postcard publisher, flourished during this era although linen cards may seem abundant to the collector, there were actually fewer of these cards printed than in earlier eras. Teich was also the contract printer for the yellowstone postcards of the bloom bros co, sanborn souvenir co and probably others the basic style of the haynes postcards changed over the years and below is a sampling of cards that featured many of the styles and formats.

Notre boutique utilise des cookies pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur et nous considérons que vous acceptez leur utilisation si vous continuez votre navigation. Guide to dating curt teich postcards this information is courtesy of the lake county discovery museum, wauconda, il, home of the curt teich postcard archives the first series of cards printed (1900 to 1908) by the teich company used numbers only and ranged from 1 – 14989. Dating curt teich & co postcards unlike most postcard manufacturers, accurate dating of cards produced by curt teich & co is possible from serial numbers printed on the company’s cards and proofs that reflect production years and printing methods. “guide to dating curt teich postcards,” (pdf) curt teich archives, lake county forest preserves “wish you were here: the story of the golden age of picture postcards in the united states,” fred bassett, new york state library.

Guide to dating curt teich postcards
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